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This may be true to some extent, but the Fagen discovery of a chart in the Venus Tablet of Ammizaduga (Oxford University Press, 1928) claims on 16 July -2726 (modern cal.) contains the helical rising of Sothis/Sirius. Denebola (β) leonis has not risen yet, and on the western horizon is Hydria aquarii and (κ) aquarii, Situla thus the human is represented. spans both the Libra and Scorpio constellations, thus representing the Eagle. There is reason to believe this chart has some historical precedence.

And after performing a sidereal chart for this date, I was surprised that Sirius was about 70 degrees from the Suns longitude position. The local is Heliopolis, Egypt, 31e19,30n06 the town called Ogdoad provided optimal visual sightings of stellar coordinates. The closet major star at anti Culmination is Zuben ellak, librae. It forms a rare Nostradamus Mars (approaching true arc to Regulus, relative conj.), Jupiter and Saturn stellium.

One of the great calendar problems follows millennia of sources writing the year-date to what year they lived according to their current calendars which do not match ours. This conglomerate reorganized after World War II and renamed its corporate body to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), founded on 23 February 1974 ( greg. For the standardizing of time, this for profit organization adopted J. Scaligers revision of the western calendar which includes the year zero throwing off all the historical documents, confusing researches until this day, and confusing ephemerides year dates pre- A. Of course, while the ISO promotes itself as a non-profit organization, it uses legal measures to license intellectual property to which most just took by creating copyright and other laws, patents, and pay-to-play programs which tells us science was never their main concern.

For example, those who intend Jesus Birth perhaps occurred in 2 B. Since the majority of academics have no idea of this problem in the calendar system for the western, some Hindu, Hebrew and other calendars which rely on historical time-counting, most of the historical analysis is incorrect referring to time-calendar-date.

This profit for greed makes incorrect historical works associated to academia who also use symbolism and legalities to illustrate authority, as authority brings in cyclical fashion profit.

Canis Major, where Sirius resides, is couched between Cancer and Orion, above Gemini. The Sun is post beta (β) virginis, Zavijava, and the Suns tropical assignment (Ptolemy c. At the western horizon, llambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis, gamma (γ) aquarii , a foundational scored line Gizāh pyramid star, had set within the last 30 minuets.

The Suns position, either old style calendar or new style calendar, does not form a visual measurement for Sirius. If Fagan recorded the true time of this novel astrology chart, then its importance has These Pleiades at the Midheaven, over ancient Ogdoad (modern name Heliopolis), Egypt.

A., 19 September 1958) creates a myth about the ill famed Egyptian Sothis Cycle.

The bright star, alpha (α) canis major today is usually called Sirius.

The chart in question, places the Sun at 10 degrees of Cancer i.e. This implies one such a chronocrator has or will take place in the near past of future.

the modern position of the projected elliptical degree of Sirius. Because of the multiple movements of the Earth the stellar background at night shifts slightly backwards estimated to modern times ( 1850s- to present) a precessional shift of 000000.922 or about ~ 70 to ~71 years per one degree. The mean node and Mercury are over another famous Egyptian star, alpha (α) virginis, Spica.


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