Soul love dating


I quickly invited Trisha to join me for a bike ride around the island.

When we arrived at the designated location the scene was perfect.

One of our favorite Soul Love stories is undoubtedly TRISHA TANG and COURT GOLUMBIC's.

After meeting in class in Soul Tri Be Ca, these devoted riders went on a marathon first date — and got married last summer.

Just as I was about to get down on one knee, Trisha jumped up and started shrieking, shaking and scratching, and not from the joy of our impending nuptials. Despite all of Court’s challenges, it was beautiful, romantic and a complete surprise.


I mean it was so bad the animals were lining up two by two.By PM, the rain had not let up and I realized that I might have to resort to Plan B. About an hour later, as I was madly scrambling to come up with alternatives, the sky miraculously cleared and the sun started shining.


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