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Plus, we'll learn about career opportunities in manufacturing and technology. They've participated in Science Fair activities all week.


Registration is recommended by calling 910-485-2955 ext. This year we will be hosting a symposium focusing on the theme "The Science of Belief." The... Trash is as old as human history, but technology changes how much we make as well as how we handle it. Rain or shine, we will have activities that relate to our...

Join the Astronomy Club of Asheville and the UNC Asheville Physics Department to safely observe the sun through telescopes with a variety of solar filters. Learn how the City of Raleigh uses technology to collect waste safely and efficiently. Come look closer than you ever have before at Earth’s most important, most impressive star: the Sun. Ever wonder what our capital’s buildings are made of?

This valuable outdoor skill combines a little math, a little science, and a lot of healthy exercise. Join members of the Forsyth Astronomy Club at the Yadkin County Park for an evening of observation!

We will begin with solar observation at 5pm then transition to star and planet viewing just after sunset. Take an adventure to America’s most incredible indoor and outdoor places with your family. Geocache through the exhibits, sing campfire songs, roast marshmallows and join the...


Meet scientists and engineers from local businesses...

Join us in celebrating the North Carolina Science Festival by learning the basics of compass orienteering.



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