Speed dating lviv

300-1750 UAH Bumbox concert Odessa will be the first city in the tour, which the band dedicated to 10th anniversary. Book an apartment in Odessa and enjoy seaside in winter.UAmade Fest in love Organizers decided to do this UAmade Fest with an emphasis on Valentine’s Day, which is not surprising, because February is traditionally associated with this holiday. Entrance is free Dylan Moran stand-up Irish comedian, actor and writer Dylan Moran has long been welcomed in many countries and cities. 250 – 1500 UAH The Neighborhood Concert The US team, which is very skillfully mixes various styles and musical directions in their music, will have the first concert in Kiev. This theatrical tell the audience about the key moments of the band with the help of live music. At the festival you can buy clothes and accessories of Ukrainian origin and present them as a gift to your loved ones. In February he will visit Kiev and present his jokes in the first week of the International Stand-up festival. For you, this is an opportunity to dance with a good music and imagine that you are somewhere very near the beaches of California. You will have an opportunity to watch the debut work of Louis Garrel and a film-winner of the Cannes Festival “Dipan”. The audience awaits two days of non-stop viewing of short films and magical mood. One of the most popular Ukrainian group “Tartak” will give a concert and will present a new album and of course play their best songs. 300-550 UAH Evenings of French Movies The festival with the best French new movies will start in Kyiv in the end of January. The opening movie is “How I became a pianist” – prize-winner of many festivals, and the Ukrainian Festival “Molodist”. Tartak Concert February in Lviv will be very musical. The best works of composer in the Lviv Philharmonic and Symphony №2, which he wrote while staying in Ukraine. 150-250 UAH Jazz Love songs For all the lovers and not only the country’s best jazz musicians will prepare a special program that includes compositions of legendary jazz musicians. You can enjoy the French cinema in the original language for few days.


In addition to shopping, you can take part in Speed dating, drink strong love potion to drink and dance to the fiery rhythms. The residents and guests will have a great chance to show that ukrainians have a great sense of humor.

From 650 UAH Performance concert about Joy Division Musical performance with documentary elements – all this would be difficult to imagine, if we are not talking about the cult British band Joy Division.

Notre dam de Paris Symphony Orchestra, 7 soloists, chorus and rhythm group, accompanied by powerful sound and light equipment will give you an incredible perfomance that you will remember for a long time. Scorpions concert Famous rock band celebrates its 50th anniversary, and in honor of this will give a concert in Odessa.

Musicians will be playing songs from all their albums and you are will be able to hear your favorite there.


Free Lords of the sound symphony orchestra In honor of Valentine’s Day musicians play songs from box office hits. Fans of classic rock must be very pleased and happy to attend the concert to sing your favorite songs with your favorite artists.



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    They might often feel the need to point out cultural differences between themselves and foreigners or others, which may come off as an insult to some but is their way of preserving their own cultural differences.

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    read more We know all about that secret job that your favorite pas has – the one that you’ve dreamed about.

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    “Mayor Eric Garcetti and his staff were instrumental in paving the way with their strong international outreach,” Rosenfeld said in a prepared statement.

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