Speeddating on

As this format is more meant to be an exchange of opinions than a monologue, they don’t have to be truly experts but more of impulse- setters for a certain topic.

The “experts” sit on a long table, each one of them facing a chair that will be filled by a random conversation partner.


The format enables a fast-paced information exchange about a series of topics and has a high fun factor.

The concept of Speed Dating on Free Knowledge is loosely based on the popular concept of speed dating that aims to match people romantically by giving a chance to talk to a number of persons for a short period of time while circulating from one to another. To put it short: 4 persons talk to 4 conversation partners for 4 minutes about 4 different topics while rotating from one to another.

And now let’s elaborate a bit more: You need a couple of persons (minimum 4) who are “experts” in their topics from the field of free knowledge.

Please remember that when you subscribe: • Your i Tunes account will be charged upon confirmation of your purchase and will auto-renew for the same subscription price at the end of each one/three/six/twelve-month period.

We’d also love to hear your feedback on the app – email us at [email protected] app.

Then you find a couple of people who would like to take part in the SD (while recruiting them don’t forget to mention that finding the love of your life is NOT the purpose of this game).



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