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According to a new Instagram post, Ryan Serhant shared some beautiful pictures of Emilia’s home country, where they are getting married next month. “I googled Parga, Greece, and this pic was the firs pic that came up lol.


Ryan Serhant has revealed that they are getting married in July, but he hasn’t shared the date on social media. Love from Boston,” one follower wrote, which was the general sentiment of many of his followers, who were more than excited for him to get married. Ryan had invited them to the wedding, but Fredrik Eklund decided to turn down his invitation.Serhant has revealed that they are getting married next month, which means they could be there early to help finalize things for the wedding and get settled with everything before the big day. He told Andy Cohen that he wanted the wedding to be a special event. I made it very clear from the very beginning, this was like a year ago when this started to be discussed, that I didn’t want to go because I think certain things are holy, like obviously a wedding,” Fredrik Eklund told Andy Cohen on , according to Bravo.Ryan Serhant has arrived in Greece, and he’s ready to get married.Yesterday, Emilia Bechrakis posted a picture to Instagram, where she was carrying her wedding dress around the airport.

It’s going to be very, very pretty, and elaborate,” Ryan revealed about his wedding, according to cameras may be with him to capture their special day. What do you think of Ryan Serhant already being in Greece for his wedding?



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