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Many of the older buildings in the village had deteriorated and crumbled by the 1960s and some thatched cottages were demolished as early as 1965.The 2011 UK National Census recorded that the population size was similar, the village having a total of 221 inhabitants.The median age of the inhabitants in 2011 was 49 years.In the past, an alternative explanation was put forward that the name derived from "sceota" or "scota" meaning the offshoot or brow of a hill – that is – the well at the brow of a hill.For a large part of its history the local inhabitants have called the village "Satchel" and, indeed, a sign at the door of St.Laurence Church states:- "Local pronunciation of Shotteswell – Satchel".


98.6% of the population were described as "White British" and 5.4% had been born outside of The United Kingdom.Principal occupations of the inhabitants in 2011 were education-related professions (16.2%), professional, scientific and technical occupations (15.4%), manufacturing (10.0%), human health and social work activities (9.2%), administrative and support services (8.5%) with only 2.3% recorded as working in the agriculture, fishing and forestry sectors.Only 3.7% of males and 1.1% of females were unemployed and 13.4% of males and 21.1% of females were retired.As regards religion, 67.4% described themselves as Christians, 24.4% claimed to have no religion, 0.9% were Hindus and 7.2% did not state their religion.

The River Avon, a tributary of the Cherwell, separates the parish from Oxfordshire on the east with a smaller tributary doing the same to the west.The village was not mentioned in the Domesday Book but may have been "the two hides of Warmintone (Warmington)" owned by Roger de Beaumont, Count of Meulan and "a man-at-arms from him". The population of the village in the 2001 UK National Census was 230.



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