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DC enthusiasts are eagerly waiting to see whether or not these not-too-familiar villains will be portrayed with their special abilities intact.It would be senseless not to, but die-hard fans are skeptical., the multi-talented actor appeared with a beard, looking “gaunt” and introducing himself as the “bearded Joker,” and he included a message that fans hope was an April Fool’s joke and not a sign of things to come.Co-star Viola Davis told Leto appearing scragglier than normal and more disturbing with the “Joker” filter than without wasn’t enough to put off his fans.Rumors have surfaced about reshoots of the film ever since the theatrical release of to make it more humorous due to the latter’s mixed reviews, which centered on how dark and depressing it was.Apparently, the dreariness of the film affected Leto as well, who admits to going to some pretty dark places while developing the character. The previous incarnations of Batman’s nemesis were portrayed to rave reviews by Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger.Register and start meeting locals in your area tonight.


In fact, it provoked a slew of imitators on social media and reignited Leto’s legions, who are looking forward to his performance in the much-anticipated anti-hero movie coming in August.

and there are images of Ben Affleck’s stunt double hard at work posted on entertainment sites and comic book fan pages.



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