Stories of dating violence Phunket online webcam chat


He made me so happy that I would have dropped everything for him.

My unhealthy Relationship…I started dating a guy freshman year that I fell head over heels for.



He always twisted things around and made it seem like my fault.

A lot of girls stay in an abusive relationship because they have not met a good guy yet, they may be insecure and may not have a very good relationship with their fatherly figures.

Karmas a B**** but he deserves every last bit of it. Each day I would get up and check my phone right away to see if he texted me, all I wanted was to see him and always be around him.

His eyes, personality, physical appearance, just everything about him makes you smile and light up from the inside out. He made me feel like the girl with the nearly perfect boyfriend that the other girls were jealous of.

After being treated like crap for years I realized that I thought it was normal for a boyfriend to treat their girl like that.

I would put up with so much in hopes he would change but I met a guy this last year who has treated me like a Queen, respects me and doesn’t lie to my face.


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