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An excellent starting point for your own certificate profiles and practices is the PKI Lite information produced by the Higher Education PKI Technical Advisory Group (HEPKI-TAG) group: PKI Lite end entity profile PKI Lite CA profile PKI Lite policy and practices Remember that for most users this topic is about as interesting as how to use the combination lock on their locker they want to know only as much as they need in order to accomplish their goal (getting into the application or opening their locker).

Hey all, I've configured quite a few access points before. I have no idea why, I've looked through my config everywhere and it's the same as my 1142s.

Before you object that one would be crazy to implement PKI if it involves lawyers, consider the fact that lawyers will definitely be involved if you have a HIPAA violation due to stray email or if you have a security incident where a password database was stolen and some unknown number of social security numbers may have been leaked.

As with any non-trivial IT project, planning and organization will go a long way, but remember to balance this with being agile enough to adapt as you learn more about requirements and as new opportunities arise.

no aaa new-modelno ip routingip domain name heavy.local!! dot11 ssid CN-Guest vlan 853 authentication open mbssid guest-mode!

Equally important to a PKI deployment are the policies and procedures you establish for issuing certificates (e.g. Under what circumstances do certificates get revoked, and what mechanisms ensure they do?



I didn't configure them but I'm here troubleshooting why I can't connect to a WPA (tkip) network. The config is pretty much the exact same as the 1142s but when I try to connect to the Secure-WLAN it asks for a username/password before the network key?The code on these are a lot newer but I'm not sure if that is it. version 15.2no service padservice timestamps debug datetime msecservice timestamps log datetime msecservice password-encryption! logging rate-limit console 9enable secret 5 $VRwm$umrus Cy YKsg QX87Tjw WDW/!


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