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Approaching the 2015 holiday season, Budsies logged an 800 percent increase in orders in October.Regarding the site's model, Sparkology's Furmansky said, "The opportunity lies in focusing on a specific demographic and offering them a superior experience that a middle-market behemoth could never match." Budsies' target demographic is children ages 3 to 10.Children's artwork the company has received and transformed into physical form has ranged from puppies, chickens, robot, monsters, and rainbow colored hearts, to a s'more.Orders for the custom plush toys are placed via the company's website.In July 2015, Budsies reached 10,000 orders and as of November 2015, that figure had increased to nearly 17,000.Alex Furmansky is an American entrepreneur and businessman.He is the founder of Budsies, a company which turns children's artwork and photographed into custom stuffed toys, and Sparkology, an online dating service that caters to successful young professionals.For his various ventures, Furmansky has been described as a "serial entrepreneur." Furmansky appeared on the April 10, 2015 episode of the reality competition television series Shark Tank to pitch Budsies.


Sparkology takes a more exclusive approach to online dating that seeks to focus on service and quality.

The community is invite-only and men must be verified graduates of top universities as a means to filter out some of the pitfalls of other online dating services: dead accounts, fake profiles and spam.


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