Sungmin dating

Also, not only celeb, but now new generation prefer late marriage if they want to settle more comfortably--I mean there are alot of expense to think about from wedding to housing (if they ever want a marriage in the first place), for female celeb it is become quite normal to expect marry at 30years+ and men mid-early 40's (for overall celebrity circle not just idols).

So yes, we will see more idols wedding in the future but not right now I mean even I'm not a celeb, but I don't expect myself to marry before 30 and yes I want a marriage.

,, ( because being in a relationship or marriage = responsibilities and stress ),, let's face it, it's the reality nowadays, you can date or be in a relationship but getting married is almost impossible today, unless you are extremely positive person, we can't even pay for our living as a single which means marriage becomes automatically no option, there are a lot of couples who have children but they are not married, they don't have to get married Maybe becuz they are only one that want marry early? and we know some of their relationship history and their break up, doesn't mean they won't have a happy relationship at the end (in ur definition here a marriage).


, dating and dating and break ups and don't get married = more happiness maybe ?

, living alone as a single gives you a lot more freedom right ??

we all know in countries like Japan & Korea the majority of people put work before everything else, work is the priority, is it could be : the fact that a lot of Koreans still believe money = happiness ?

, being workaholic never take a day off keep drinking = better life ?


The management agency of Super Junior confirmed on Wednesday (Sept 24) that the K-pop boy band’s Sungmin is dating actress Kim Sa-eun.Sungmin in a promotional photo for Super Junior’s album “Mamacita“. Entertainment said the pair met while working together on the musical The Three Musketeers and are “in the early stages of a relationship“. Entertainment artistes whose relationships have come to light – Girl’s Generations’ Yoona, Sooyoung, Tiffany, Taeyeon and EXO’s Beakhyun were all revealed to be in relationships over the past year.


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