Super secret sex chat

Try to trigger these emotions – surprise, excitement, lust, happiness, trust and anticipation. Don’t think about what to write in “about” section, just leave it blank. Generally, girls are drawn in to images of individuals with natural and comfortable, delighted smiles.If you change your mindset from being passive to action-taker, you will outplay 50% of guys (good news is that around 50% of guys does not text anything at all to new matches, they just wait for a girl to take first move – wtf? If you really want to get laid, you have to create seductive frame during the interaction. Just like in on the internet dating profiles and apps, PUAs try to look “badass”.


You invest weeks messaging females to make them feel “comfortable” and “special” just to have them go quiet after you invite for a date. The objectives of this technique are clear: First of all I want to share my thoughts about basic principles that work and mindset, which is very important.You have to understand that every new Tinder match is start of a potential new story and you are the creator of it.


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