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Good for their well-being and thus public health as well." The government's apparent endorsement of noisy sex quickly went viral, though Wikstrom says his real message didn't exactly come across.The problem: sex gets a bad rap and is too often related to sexual abuse, STIs, and unwanted pregnancies.Image: The utterly brilliant The best untranslatable Scandi words you need to include in your everyday use from now on and forever We have some great words that deserve to be used. You can Fika as a noun or verb – to fika or go for a fika. ‘Hey Kalle, let’s go palla in Andersson’s garden– they have pear trees and plums, too’.Thank you to everybody who wrote in with suggestions – we got far too many words to use them all, but we have included our best ones here. It’s casual, but you can fika with your friends, or even have a fika date. It means a state of lovely cosiness, on your own or with people you like. No doubt word enthusiasts will now email us saying the English word is “scrumping”. It expresses a sense of balance and satisfaction with having your needs met without needing excess.You can fika with colleagues at work or even fika with your family. Doesn’t have to involve food, but it involves good feelings and happiness. Pilkunnussija A great Finnish word, literally: a comma fucker. Linslus A Swedish word, meaning ‘lens louse’ – Someone who always wants to have their face in a photo. But as far as we could work out, you can only scrump apples. Slutspurt The Danish word for ‘clearance sale’ (you can find this one almost always somewhere written largely across the store’s front windows). Klämdag Swedish word, literally meaning Squeeze Day.You can hygge in front of the telly, or you can hygge at the local café. Meaning: There is so much butter on your bread that your teeth leave bitemarks. A pedant; a person who corrects trivial or meaningless things. Forelsket Norwegian and Danish word that means: That intoxicatingly euphoric feeling you experience when you’re first falling in love. If there is a bank holiday then a working day and then another day off, that working day will become a ‘squeeze day’ – and we’ll all be off work.In front of the log fire with a good book is a nice place to hygge, too. Sambo and Mambo In Sweden, if you live with your partner, you have a sambo. A person who believes it is their destiny to stamp out all spelling and punctuation mistakes. Jamsk A Danish dialect word that describes feeling under the weather, a little bit tired and just not quite right and have no desire for food. Utepils A brilliant Norwegian word that simply means: To sit outside and enjoy a beer. Sliddersladder A Danish word for gossiping and chitchat. Badkruka Swedish for someone who refuses to enter the water. Gökotta Swedish – to wake up in the morning with the purpose of going out to hear the birds sing.

’ Poronkusema An old Sami word meaning ‘the distance reindeer can travel before needing to urinate’.

Knullruffs A Swedish word meaning ‘messy hair after having sex’. ‘Hi Brenda, you have knullrufs today – I guess your date went well last night?

(NEWSER) – So as to not disturb the neighbors, many apartment dwellers in Sweden are banned from noisy activities like vacuuming or drilling after 10pm.

One activity that is allowed, however, is loud sex—and that's just the way it should be, says Health Minister Gabriel Wikstrom. The 31-year-old's response: "Sounds nice for them, I think.


Fika A Swedish word meaning ‘ to meet up for a cup of coffee and a bun/cake.

You can have a lagom amount of coffee, for example. Used as a distance measure, as in “ There’s a Poronkusema to his house’ (7 kilometres, in case you were wondering).



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