The VIP clubs -- which 'swingers' describe as akin to a 'freemason' society where members swear under oath not to reveal the identities or details of those involved -- are one of the groups that have been unearthed as part of an investigation into Ireland's secret sex lives.

The TV3 programme, which includes footage of 'swinging' events, where consenting couples swop partners, is part of the controversial new Paul Connolly investigates series.

I can be with someone within an hour after placing an ad. It's all very adult, very relaxed." She added: "It's like the first time every time." Another woman from the midlands explained: "I could meet two or three at the same time in the same car park. If I don't like what I see I go home." She added: "The dangers are part of the excitement. "There's a strict ethical code involved," explains Mr Connolly.

"When they arrive in the deserted car park or unoccupied industrial estate they flash the headlights once to let people know why they are there.

Supposedly that is a big no-no," recalls a bemused Mr Connolly.

is a sex comedy with intentions toward a satirical bite.

Once its cast of two couples, one from North and one from South London, have embarked on a night of swinging sexual pleasure the rest of the play revolves around the consequences, but also explores the very different motivations each set had for the venture in the first place.


If others are there for the same reason, they flash their headlights back once.A light on in the car means you're going to start, a window open means you are inviting strangers to put their hands in the car and the door opens means you want them to join in. The only awkward moment was when I got in the way of one of the spectators and he started screaming at me that I was in his eye-line.It could cost you anything from €10,000 to €20,000.You are talking about professional people, well-to-do businessmen, the creme de le creme." With 60,000 registered Irish users on no-strings casual sex websites, TV3's newest presenter was also shocked to see the number of women involved.

"Women take it very seriously, meeting up to eight men a week, sometimes a couple a day. Whereas men just seem to dip their toe in and out of the water.

These are everyday women; bored housewives, women sitting at home looking for a bit of a thrill." As one Dublin woman who regularly uses the websites describes in the documentary: "In the last 12 months I have met 25 men through the website from the comfort of my own home. Sometimes I'd do it twice a week, maybe twice a night. It all depends." The sub-culture of 'dogging' -- which involves couples or singles having sex in parked cars whilst others watch -- was also looked at as part of the investigation.



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