Synology no ip not updating Local adult chat roms

For example, you can install cloud storage to have your own dropbox without exposing your data on public cloud.

Once the initial setup is done, it won’t find Synology NAS. Now, I had to go back to my router which has a built-in DHCP server.

From there, I found out the IP addresses for the NAS without any trouble as the name I set up for the NAS showed up in the list.

After configuring it, I moved it to my home lab with other computers and hooked it up to a Gigabit switch.

It was then assigned via DHCP a few IP addresses, each of which maps to one of its 4 ports. After a little search on the Web, I learned that the URL is for initial setup and only for initial setup.

One of my favorite features is its GUI which is Web based but feels like a desktop using the Ext Javascript framework.

Besides basic functionalities, it also has appstore kind of extensibility.


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