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We are very glad to meet our new tamil talking members in our chat room.We are current chat leader in the online chat community circle.Northern Sri Lanka, located across the Palk Bay from Tamil Nadu, has a sizable Tamil speaking minority numbering 20% of the population (3-4 million). It is also spoken by sizable populations in South East Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, and Fiji) as well as in South Africa and parts of East Africa, Great Britain, the United States, Canada, and Trinidad, Guyana, Mauritius.It is a member of the Dravidian language family, a group of about thirty languages (~225 million speakers in total) concentrated in southern India, but also in Pakistan as well.

It is a live chatting site, we sure you can find new friends in a minute once you start chat with them.The Tamil language is spoken mainly in Southern India.Friends play most important role in every one’s life.So don’t waste your time on some other community site that keep you wait to find or accept new friends.

Of all Tamil speakers (totalling about 65 million) Over ninety percent live in Tamil Nadu, one of India's four southern states.However, Tamil is also spoken in neighboring states as well as both a first and second language.



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