Tanzania dating marriage

Documents Required - you were never married before - you are divorced and attach the relevant divorce certificate or - you were widowed and produce/attach the relevant document.

This certificate proves that no legal impediment to the intended marriage is known to the responsible authority in your country.

RGM 111 (Application for registration for a foreign marriage).

A fee of approximately TZS 22,000 is paid to obtain a copy of the entry in the Register of Foreign Marriages.

The form must then go back the Registrar of Marriages where it will be checked, a fee will be paid and the “Special Marriage License” will be issued.

With this license the couple must report to the District Commissioner’s office, Church or Mosque (depending on the place where the marriage will take place and the person who will solemnise the marriage) to set the date of the marriage.

“NOTICE OF MARRIAGE” AND APPLICATION FOR “SPECIAL MARRIAGES LICENSE” If you have less than 21 days required to put “a notice of intention to marry”, you need to make an application for “Special Marriages Licence” from the Registrar of Marriages An application form for “Special Marriages Licence” will be issued and dully filled and a copy of the certificate of no impediment attached to it.The form must be signed and legalised by a lawyer or an advocate.



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