Taylor swift is dating ed sheeran

New rumors are spreading that Justin Bieber’s ex is “hooking up” with the British redhead. "She got sick of having to take care of Justin like he was her child. Although there were rumors Swift was hooking up with Sheeran, we’d have to imagine the “Red” singer is happy her two best friends might be together, especially because Swift doesn’t like Bieber very much. Sheeran is currently on tour with Swift and has been reportedly getting cozy with Gomez. On June 16 at the Much Music Video Awards, Us asked the singer about potentially being set up with Gomez. Gomez, who is best known romantically for dating Bieber, was reportedly fed up with always having to take care of the pop star.The plaintiffs believe that without their song, that song’s success would not have been possible.Harrington and Leonard are represented by the same attorney that brought victory to Marvin Gaye’s family in the copyright lawsuit against Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams over “Blurred Lines” and Richard Busch, a Nashville attorney intends to do the same for the lesser known songwriters. Martin Harrington and Tom Leonard believe that they deserve some of those “Photograph” profits, and it’s not just Sheeran that is named in the lawsuit; Sheeran’s co-writer for Johnny Mc Daid, Sony/ATV Songs, Polar Patrol Music, Nathan Cable Touring, and record label Warner Music Group are all named as co-conspirators in the sham.The “Thinking Out Loud” star is accused of “verbatim, note-for-note copying” of their song “Amazing,” which turned into Sheeran’s 2015 hit “Photograph,” according to the million claim.

The lawsuit claims that the similarities between the two songs are obvious; the two songs possess similar overall structures, melodic rhythms, and harmonies.There is also the matter of both songs sharing lyrics about “the stairway to heaven always starts in hell” another similarity pointed out in the lawsuit.Ed Sheeran Fever: Is He The Biggest Male Pop Star In The World? music charts selling almost 8 million copies worldwide.Justin Bieber, Skrillex Sued Over ‘Sorry’ But Teen Choice Awards Nominee Is Grateful Madonna Prevails In Another Litigious Plagiarism Lawsuit Richard Busch has made a name for himself going after major artists for sampling. This is the latest copyright infringement case against a major artist — Justin Bieber also has a pending lawsuit for “Sorry” brought on by artist White Hinterland.

Swift reportedly introduced the two over Memorial Day weekend.

This is a nice escape from the drama." Bieber and Gomez are apparently very done. Swift was seen sticking her tongue out at the Billboard Awards this year when Bieber and Gomez were seen embracing. Gomez was recently spotted at Disneyland with her friends a few days after Bieber was at the theme park hanging with a “mystery girl.” Making each other jealous maybe? "Momma, Brian, and me are all so grateful for all your well wishes.



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