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The first Chanel N°5 was captured in a simple rectangular bottle with the top which resembled Place Vendome in Paris.The first bottle was designed by Chanel herself and represents her classical principle – the less is more.Chanel N°5 is often connected to her name because during an interview in 1954 she said that in bed she wore only ‘some drops of Chanel N°5'. Superstitious, Chanel presented her new perfume on the fifth day of the fifth month of 1921.



In his formula the aldehydes are accompanied by fragrances of rose and jasmine.

The fragrance of aldehydes is pure and fresh, reminds of the odor of clean linen just brought in the house form the fresh frosty air.



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    The Easy Touch® safety line includes a wide variety of fixed and exchangeable needle safety syringes and lancets.

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    There’s still some shame and guilt associated with admitting the truth, even in private.

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    The research has mainly focused on Caucasian youth, and there are yet no studies which focus specifically on IPV in adolescent same-sex romantic relationships.

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    In 2008/2009, adult criminal courts in Canada disposed of 392,907 cases involving 1,161,018 charges (Table 1).

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