Teairra mari dating

But not showing up to the court hearing isn’t a good look in any situation.However, the 28-year-old told TMZ that it’s all a big misunderstanding.A bench warrant has been issued for Teairra Mari after she neglecting to show up to her court hearing on Monday.Last summer, Teairra was accused of assault against an Uber driver and later charged with battery, theft, and vandalism.



Teairra was expected in court on June 13th, to face the charges, but didn’t show up, and later that day explained she had simply written the wrong date down in her planner.

(Teairra’s lawyer didn’t comment on that point.) Per points out that Teairra could be headed straight for jail–though, again, there aren’t yet reports on how the rescheduled court date went (or didn’t go).



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