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Along with Mee Inti Vanta what brought even more popularity was a steamy anthology serial called Midnight Masala, or as some called it, Soyagam.

It aired at 12am and aired stories which had a lot of steamy and sexy scenes.

By 2004, the Zee Network already had a strong presence in northern and eastern India, with channels in Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, and Punjabi; their proposed Telugu-language channel marked their first venture into the southern India entertainment market.

In June 2004, they expected the channel to launch by August.

As a result, they re-launched themselves in order to shift their target market segment from mass market to that of upwardly mobile young professionals.

In late 2006, Zee Telugu began work on Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa, a Telugu-language singing competition.

Anchored by Nandi Award winner Suneetha, the judges' panel included renowned Telugu music figures Koti and Ramana Gogula, and was scheduled to run for 35 episodes. Mee Inti Vanta, a cookery show, has run successfully for more than 1000 episodes. This program was a huge hit with female viewers and grabbed the market share in the afternoon slot.


It was widely watched by adults but some people criticised that it is too racy for Telugu TV.

It aired from December 2005 - December 2006 and again in 2007-2008.


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