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General Hospital debuted in 1963 on ABC and is the longest-running soap opera in Hollywood history.General Hospital takes place in the fictional town of Port Charles, New York and centers around the lives of the hospital employees and their families.




Sicari Sarah Smith Réal Andrews Don Dolan Nanci Roberts Paul Michael Michael Bullard Ralph Manza Lisa Capps Sheila Thomas Barry Atwater Chriss Anglin Craig Curtis Beau Kayser Charles Shaughnessy Hope Levy Lara Jill Miller Jennifer Billingsley Chuck Mitchell Louise La Planche Cliff Norton Zack Carter Mark Withers Charles Boswell David Groh Robert Kelker-Kelly Jason Marsden Christopher Graves Craig Huebing Magda Harout Amy Grabow Mark St.

James Frank Whiteman Lynne Lerner Ryan Cohen Sherman Howard Oscar Arana Gilbert Lewis Jody Hart Terrah Scott Webley Iva Hasperger Vanessa Brown Anne Wyndham Michael Sutton Stephanie Dicker Tracy Brooks Swope Butch Mc Cain Roger Lodge Peter Mac Lean Tim Russ David Newer Mimi Cozzens Catherine Wadkins Peter Breck Breck Bruns Ross Elliott Sally Struthers Aaron Seville Sharon Thomas Clare Moses Kristina Wayborn George Shannon C. Thomason Michael Jacobson Randolph Mantooth Elizabeth Taylor Eddie Zammit Kirsten Devere Teddy Quinn Shawn Donahue Joe E.



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