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Actually, "Hornet" was more sophisticated than "Hard to Hold".

Springfield bares his 'assets' and plays to stadium crowds, but in reality he had already lost his magic touch.


Unfortunately for Springfield, his break in the movies came after much of the hype had already quieted down.His 1983 album "Living in Oz" was a commercial disappointment, and when the cinematic "Hard to Hold" appeared a year later it seemed like yesterday's news.The plot has something to do with a grown-up pop star behaving like a teenager around a sexy, teasing, but reluctant female (she's no fan, which causes me to wonder why the women in these movies who play hard-to-get always get the hero's attention? Larry Peerce directed, and it's his most innocuous assignment since his early years in television directing "The Green Hornet".Details the efforts of a pop-rock star (James Roberts / Rick Springfield) to win the love of a woman he meets in a car accident.

None of the usual gambits work on this woman, who has never ...

The trial is now in the implementation phase and a number of threats to successful completion, such as recruitment and retention challenges in a vast, rural geographic area, have been addressed.



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