Thai girl sex chat

Sure some of the kids have money I see them driving cars around but it couldn't be more than 10% that get an income more than 15,000 baht a month so what about the rest of the girls?

Sure you guessed it, they either work in Karaoke bars, brothels, but more than likely these girls have sponsors, in order to outdo their friends they have to find a boyfriend who has money and exchange sex for toys. More than likely she's changed her sim card to the one of her other boyfriends (sure I do the same thing lol).

It's getting to the point where the only way to contact a Thai girl these days is by using the telephone. Nearly every single girl I could see was sitting in the club texting on their phone and me and my mate were wondering what the hell we were doing.

Sure this is really a phenomenon affecting the younger generation of Thai girls under 30 but hey for me I'm not really interested in chicks older than 30 anyway. These days I have more luck sitting at home on the computer getting pu&*Sy then actually going to the club.

Continuously talking on the phone typically about nothing, it's the new cigarette of the 21st century.

The other week I went to a club in Chiang Mai called Infinity, there was a band playing hot chicks everywhere but was anyone dancing? These days I'll go out to hang out with me mates and when i'm at home then i'll find the girls.

I live behind Chiang Mai University or CMU for short and the girls at this university have to have the latest Iphone the latest blackberry some have both, ipads, laptops, the shortest skirt, the tallest heels.

An Iphone costs 15,000 baht for the cheapest model, and the average salary in Chiang Mai is 7500 baht, so that's two months salary for a cell phone.

How can these girls justify paying 2 months wages on a bloody telephone?

Have you ever heard of a farang paying 2 months salary for a mobile phone before? But who pays for all this stuff, Chiang Mai really isn't a rich place not like Bangkok, most the girls studying here are from Chiang Mai and there are 25,000 girls studying at CMU so who is paying for all this?

Less than 2% of the student body actually have a part time job so that rules that out.


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