The body language of dating review


Firs I was nervous but as the date goes, I feel more relax and confident as I was able to read to body languages of my date. I know immediately if there is a connection between us and then can decide to go further.No more silly question such as what does he think about me? I enjoyed this course very much on one side because I learned in a very short time so much about non-verbal communication and about my own behavior and on the other side because I had a lot of fun listning and watching the videos and trying to figure out, what would be the right answer.I really learned a lot from this course and what impressed me the most is everything is corroborated with qualitative research.


After following this course, I have my first date since ages.

This course gives tips and tricks to master the dating scene!

Thank you this is the 3rd course i have taken by Vanessa, this course teaches practical and scientific approach to dating, i have not seen any other course like this before based on scientific researches, it even show you how to see if some one is into you ;) i would say this is one of the best course on dating.

Thank you Vanessa for another great course Thank you thank you thank you Vanessa for this course.

I've been really interested in body language forever, did my own research online and watched videos to get to know it more than the average person, then I seen this. I come back to this course to refresh my knowledge and apply it daily.

Looking forward to taking the Human Lie Detection course.


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