The dating channel sky tv

The channel's programming was originally aimed mainly at women and young adults.More recently, with shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Boston Legal and The Blacklist, the channel has broadened its audience reach to a wider range of demographics, including men aged 18–45.Other factual content includes , hosted by LL Cool J, which does exactly what it says on the tin as celebs go head to head miming along to their favourite tunes.First up is former WWE star Dwayne Johnson vs Jimmy Fallon (15 Apr), with Common vs John Legend the next week.

A brand new take on Greek mythology following a young hero, rather appropriately named Hero (Tom York), as he battles Cyclops, nymphs and other legendary beasties.Spike have also announced they have secured the rights to , 17 Apr, where amateur cooks create bizarre culinary concoctions) and Mixed Martial Arts signing an exclusive deal with BAMMA for UK TV rights to British bouts and US promoters Bellator MMA.


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