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It addresses life with HIV and the ways it affects the life of its victims, even when they’re living healthily with it.” And, Gallagher reassures us, “It’s very, very funny.” I was taking a writing workshop, and one of the tasks was to write down our “obsessions” at the beginning of each evening. For instance, we are both insomniacs, we both own a Boxer, and we were both suddenly single in our 40s.I thought I wanted to write a play about the Toronto bathhouse raids of 1981, but I soon realized that I was obsessed with middle age, online dating, and how to navigate all of that when you're a single man of a “certain age.” I started writing scenes and monologues from the point of view of a 48-year-old gay man, which I was then, and extrapolated a story from there. The difference is how we handle these parts of our lives.The Enterprise and her crew are in danger of destruction—Spock and Captain Kirk argue their way through a daring rescue mission.Once the ship is steadied and safe from harm, the crew celebrates the best way they know how—with an intergalactic jizz orgy.Copyright of all images, videos and text belongs to their respective owners.All content herein syndicated from third-party websites by automated software without human intervention.This Sunday afternoon, Gallagher, 49, brings his award-winning one-person play, Stealing Sam, to New York’s United Solo Theater Festival on Theater Row after a much-garlanded history in Canada, where it received Best of Fringe and Patron’s Pick at the Toronto Fringe Festival in 2013, and was awarded Outstanding New Play, Production, Actor, and Director from Now magazine.In the play, Gallagher plays Jimmy, who has been friends with the unseen Sam for more than 25 years.

Sex, death, love, HIV, relationships, and dating over 40: the playwright and actor Steven Gallagher and I spoke, occasionally loudly, about these things over a few rounds of cocktails one recent evening in Toronto.

I tried to write a character who makes the opposite decisions that I would in certain situations, and take it from there—sort of the road-not-taken approach to playwriting.

They were supposed to be facing “gay middle age” together. Jimmy steals Sam’s cremated remains from the funeral home and, says Gallagher, “tries to give his friend the send-off he deserves.” The 60-minute play shows, says Gallagher, “a middle-aged man adrift in an unfriendly dating scene, as he tries to find love in the age of Facebook and wireless technology.

The play examines dating in the post HIV/AIDS world, and the stigma that being HIV positive still carries.


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