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As a reader, it looks like Twitter is much more of a fad than something here to stay.

Alexis Madrigal’s essay "Take the Data out of Dating" is a more effective essay.

It is very easy to get lost in someone else’s world.

Manjoo states that Twitter is a micro blog you can create to gain followers.

“You can follow my posts, but I don't have to follow yours.” (Page 164) Twitter is almost like a gimmick and discouragement.

No matter how clever or interesting your tweets are, you are more likely not to have as much followers as a popular celebrity who rarely tweets.

Farhad Manjoo’s essay, "Do I Really Have To Join Twitter?

" effectively delivers a plea to the audience for social networking.


This essay gets the reader to ask him/herself a very good question: Do I really have to join twitter?

People now-a-days tend to go with the flow, and hop on the popular band wagon.


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