The infrared wireless port when updating a pda

Verify that your laptop has an infrared transceiver.

Go to "Wireless Link" under "Control Panel" and check the box next to "Allow others to send files to your computer using infrared communications." This will open the infrared port for communications.For security reasons, disable the feature when you're away from your laptop or in a public zone. Align your computer to an infrared-enabled device, such as a mobile phone, and establish a connection.Make sure the transceivers are facing each other and no more than 3-feet apart. When the devices "see" each other, you will see an infrared icon appear in the notification area on the laptop's task bar. Send a small file from the mobile phone to the laptop.Navigate to the appropriate file and choose to transfer it via infrared transceiver.

The standards and protocols that all enabled devices use to communicate are laid down by the Ir DA (Infrared Data Association).Before you can use your laptop's infrared connection, you will have to enable the feature.


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