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People who have decided to date medical students or residents must realize they are agreeing to the following: 1. Helping them, liking them, or even loving them could mean leaving them alone. If you want to spend time with the med student, help make flash cards or hold them up. Right now he's studying for the USMLE step 1 and I'm having a hard time not being able to spend time together. I don't think there are advantages to marrying a medical student or a physician. He was warm, kind, loving, and smiled from his heart. They have their own careers but have to deal with the annoying condescension their husbands subject them to.

It is unfair to drag someone away from an overwhelming plate of life called "Being/Becoming a doctor" because you just watched an episode of Darma and Greg where they cuddled on the couch and told each other how they would never spend time apart because they loooooved each other sooooo much (a kiss*). I know 2 non-physician women who are basically secretaries for their husbands.

This year, the event also focused non-clinical career options to provide exposure to practicing clinical medicine. O., spoke about his experience as a medical correspondent for WESH 2 News.

“It’s been growing in success since we started it four years ago,” said Karen Eberhart, a second-year medical student and the class-elected representative for the Association of American Medical Colleges.

“We got the ‘speed dating’ idea from the national AAMC conference, and it’s a great way to provide a resource of intimate guidance for students.” Most of the professionals, who were either seasoned medical speed-daters or fresh representation, began by introducing themselves and illustrating “a day in the life” in their field.

As the sound of the “Hokey Pokey” signaled the next round of conversation, medical students formed new faculty connections to prove finding a specialty is really “what it’s all about.” About 70 second-year medical students met with faculty for the annual Medical Specialty Speed Dating event hosted by the Office of Student Counseling and Development in the UF College of Medicine.

The event was held on both March 23 and 25, as an opportunity for students to ask questions of professionals in order to steer their career toward a specialty after graduation.

For the women I know who are physicians, men are intimidated by them and so for a woman to find someone, it has to be a physician or someone with just as much of a time-restriction/degree of education. I'm sure he's still a lovely human being, he just lost his human-ness somewhere in medical school.

When we are together, it's great, but then he feels guilty for not studying. I'm sorry, this post is going to be particularly acrimonious and unpleasant. One wife has to deal with her husband telling her what to do all the time, paying all the bills and having to wait for him to finish his endless fellowships before they can start a family while they live on a less-than-physician-perfect salary.

Becoming a doctor isn't like getting a bachelor's in basket weaving. If you love (or even like someone) more than yourself, you will do what it takes to help them, not hinder them. Independent women will be glad to date a physician and a woman who doesn't want time with her husband will be glad for the spoils but the "advantages" don't outweigh the attitude and demanding behavior of type-A physicians. If you decide you need attention, most likely they will be the wrong person to call. You will feel like a booty call instead of a boyfreind/girlfreind. They've worked their asses off for at least 4 years, a lot of them for longer, and it would be rediculous to throw it away over a girlfreind/boyfreind who is needy. If you can't handle it, do both of you a favor and leave the relationship. I dont understand the snobbiness and sudden a**hole qualities that begin to emerge. I work at the NIH and like every other physician acts like a jerk. Men are totally and utterly deluded if they think women dig physicians.


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