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I have phoned them = no luck Emailed the help desk = no luck My webspace has bee inactive for over 6 months but my webspace hasnt been removed automatically as I understood it would!I am still able to access my Tiscali emails but not my webspace.Regards Mark Talk Talk Online Community Department hi All, If any customers have qeuries relating to deletion fo webspace please tweet us @Talk Talk Care and we can look into individual circumstances in more depth.Regards Mark Talk Talk Online Community Department Why on earth do people have to register on a social network site to get something sorted by an ISP?In that case have you tried seeing what happens when you follow Talk Talk's own advice for setting up their new webspace?


Hi everyone, I am also having a major headache trying to get Tiscali to remove my old webspace.My website I uploaded via ftp years ago is no very out of date and needs removing.Surely an email or phonecall is a more professional route.That is what customer services departments are supposed to be for.

As another one of the customers forcibly moved from Tiscali to Talk Talk by the buyout, I'm having a similar problem - my website on is still visible and (almost) uneditable - I very ocasionally manage to get into ftp://myweb.uk/myfolder like last night for a partial update, but I've no idea how as most other times it says the server is there but won't allow the log in.

To make it worse, having set up some Talk Talk webspace and uploaded the site, but every time I try to view the site it keeps deleting my file and just showing the holding page! I've currently managed to upload my file *again* via FTP, and it's showing in the folder with an FTP view in Firefox. Any help gratefully received - I'm happy to keep the Tiscali site as long as the server is there, active and accessible. Hmm so you want to keep the site rather than the others, who just want it deleted?



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