Todd lasance dating jessica tovey

She added "It was hard not to feel intimidated and nervous about joining the cast, this was really my first television role, so it was a huge step".

On her character Tovey said "Belle is fantastic, she's sassy and fun with quite a mouth on her!

Tovey thought that fans of the couple should be worried because there seemed to be no way that they were going to get through the situation, as what Belle had put Aden through had worn them both "down to their bare bones." Shortly after finding out she is adopted, Belle arrives in the Bay to find her birth mother.

Ric Dalby (Mark Furze) finds Belle living rough and he brings her food, he later lets Belle hide out in his bedroom.

Her painkiller addiction was discovered by her boyfriend, Aden (Todd Lasance), after he gave her a necklace and she used it to buy more drugs.

Tovey explained "He's so in love with her, but by pawning the necklace, she's essentially saying that the drugs mean more to her than he does.


We have also seen a more vulnerable side to Belle with her romance with Aden this year and next year, we will see Belle go on a bit of a downward spiral which is a good challenge as an actor".

Belle spent weeks lying to cover up her addiction and she became "erratic".


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