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-- especially if they are exchanged with someone who is not the person you are committed to or loved up with.

We've rounded up eight instances of celeb sexting fails, where intimate photos or messages wound up in the wrong hands and went public, causing embarassment, victimization or relationships woes, like breakups.

But when you are a celeb, personal and private info, details, photos and texts are at a premium, given the high value our culture places on its celebs.

Said texts can become tabloid fodder or worse -- evidence!!

Her excuse was creative -- her stylist's email was hacked.

Celebs are not immune to hackers; they're targets. Sexting or swapping suggestive photos with your significant other can be fun, sexy and naughty. Well, in today's digital day and age, that's highly debatable.

Sensitive information is always at risk since we're all plugged in and constantly tap, tap, tapping away at our mobile devices and handhelds, and can be leaked or hacked into at any time and for a variety of nefarious purposes.

Scarlett Johansson's nude photos leaked back in 2011. Lively, who is now married to Reynolds, Johansson's ex and intended recipient of her photos, denied naked pics were actually her.They were meant for her hubby at the time, actor Ryan Reynolds, but they became public fodder when her email was hacked. The Gossip Girl's camp claimed that photos were not of their client, even though there was a tattoo that looked eerily like Lively's.


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