Too soon start dating again after divorce


He shared that he still had a lot of regret and anger towards his past and ex, and that it occupied his mind a lot (especially at night).

In order to make room for someone new, we must learn from our mistakes and get rid of any past baggage.

Let's face it, marriage breakdown and divorce can be a really traumatic experience for all involved and jumping into the dating scene may be too much to deal with.

Only you will know if you are ready to start dating again. The coaching I do has two elements emotional healing and creating positive change, so I am sharing these points to assist you to do the same.

Whilst I get to hear wonderful stories of those that find the love easily after divorce.

In all honesty there are some people who struggle with dating and the feelings that come with it. This is where you have to take stock of your own emotions and what it is you are looking for after getting divorced. Only you can really answer this question but what I ask my clients to think about is why do they want to start dating again?

If it is too avoid being alone and "alone time" my heart goes out to you.

I speak more about this issue and dealing with loneliness in my podcast that will be launched on itunes by 3rd April.

Are you are separated or divorced and considering entering the dating world again?If the answer is yes, then there are some things you need to think about.


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