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And if you’re a member of America’s Singles Club — comprising more than half of all adults today — this time of year is code for “You’re sad and alone.” But that cultural stigma is fading.

Some of us genuinely prefer to go solo in life, while many others actively seek that special someone. cities based on 25 key metrics to help you find and prep for the best dating opportunities this holiday season.

Click on the experts’ profiles to read their bios and responses to the following key questions: What financial advice do you have targeted to singles?

Single people need to be especially mindful of money matters because they don't have a second income, such as the income of a spouse, to fall back on if something goes wrong.

Whenever some product or service is offered at a discount for couples, singles are paying more per person than married people are – essentially, single people with their one income are subsidizing married people who may have two incomes and one set of household expenses (rent/mortgage, utilities, etc.) Some of the ways that single people are disadvantaged are written right into our laws, as when single people have fewer tax breaks or protections.

The good part is that single people typically have complete control over their money and their financial decisions.

You can find the results, additional dating commentary from experts and a detailed methodology below. Many offer plenty of options for singles, whereas some are more conducive to other lifestyles.So much of the advice about best cities for singles is about where single people can find other single people to marry and thereby become unsingle.


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    Whether looking for romance or just companionship, user friendly features such as live video chat makes getting to know others a hassle free process.

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    For the social, career-focused young professional, especially commitmentphobes approaching their late twenties and early thirties, the grey area between a late night booty call and a full relationship can seem like a win-win situation.

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