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IBP tells you how the pages have achieved that ranking and how you must change your web pages and the links to your website to obtain a similar ranking. IBP helps you get more customers and more sales with increased search engine rankings.and tells you in easy-to-understand words how to optimize and prepare your website specifically for better results in the search engine that you choose.Suppose you want to know how to get a top 10 ranking for the search term “outdoor equipment” in Yahoo.IBP will tell you how to optimize your website for exactly that search term in Yahoo.IBP tells you in plain English and in great detail what you have to do to get a top 10 ranking for your specific keyword in the search engine you’ve chosen. Since these pages have a top 10 ranking, the pages must have all the best settings.


IBP analyzes the web pages that currently have a top 10 ranking in the search engine of your choice and compares them with your page.IBP works with Yahoo’s current ranking algorithm and it also works with all other major search engines, for example Google. Did you hire a search engine placement agency or a search engine optimization company to get high rankings for your site?Use IBP to find out if they really optimized your site for high rankings on Google. Of course, IBP also works with other search engines.With IBP, I have managed to place my website on the first place for my target keyword.

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