Transexual post operation dating


Oh, and I can hardly call it “The TRUTH about being a transsexual” when I can't talk for Transmen, can I? Someone who is transsexual is someone who feels they are the opposite gender to that which they appeared to be at birth. Transsexualism isn't a modern phenomenon, yes from the point of view of surgery it's new - the first recorded (proper) gender reassignment surgery was in the 1930's on Lili Elbe - but even before then many cultures throught history recognised the existance of transgender peoples - the Native American Two-Spirits, the Indian Hiijra, Kathoey in Thailand. The only cure for being a transsexual person is to accept it, it's that simple.

Oh there are some similarities and of-course transmen and transwomen experience the same sort of transphobia (hatred and discrimination against transsexual or transgender people) but not being a transman I can't really tell you what it's like. For me and many transsexual people it's an internal feeling that we are or were literally trapped in the wrong body and it's very, VERY strong. Sure it can be buried for a while, sometimes even for years but it's always there in the background telling that you're not really male (or female). In ancient Islamic cultures there was the Mukhannathun, whilst in Ancient Rome the Galli were the priestesses of the goddess Cybele. A transsexual persons brain is telling that person so strongly that they are actually the opposite gender that the only thing to do is for that person to believe it.




So Why title it “The TRUTH about being a transwoman” and not ““The TRUTH about being a transsexual”?Well basically there's a lot of roumer, half truths and out right lies out there to confuse people – search the web, read a newspaper and watch some telly and you'll see for yourselves. If you're a transsexual person reading this then you're gonna love this, but if you're not; if you are a parent, partner, family member looking to cure your “son/husband/father/brother” before they “ruin their lives with this foolishness” then sorry but it's not the yes you were hoping for...


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