Transgender dating site

The 63-year-old boxing promoter - who was known as Frank Maloney before her transition in 2014 - has started trying to date men but isn't sure whether she wants a "full-on relationship" just yet after experiencing some romance disasters.

She said: "I'm talking with someone about it [bringing out a transgender dating site] because that way you get serious people. I'm not sure if I want a full-on relationship or just a companion.

Don't expect to find the star while you're swiping, though!

Apparently, her ex Kris Jenner doesn't think this is the greatest way for her to find new romance.

"Caitlyn’s sticking to the transgender dating pool because the trans community understands her lifestyle and won’t judge her,” a source dished to the mag. "Someone in the 30s to early 50s who is adventurous, who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty," the source added. She wants to make sure her future partner doesn’t want her for her money and fame," the insider revealed.

"Caitlyn is using an alias and doesn’t have a profile picture up.

The guy responded: "That f***ing boxing promoter that cut of his f***ing..." Kellie explained: "I said 'Yeah, that baggage I'm carrying happens to be Kellie Maloney,' and he went, 'How can I ever go out with you?

Read more : Kellie Maloney reveals dating horror after man blasted her as 'boxing promoter who cut off his ****' "There are some websites where transpeople go - but I won't say it because there are a lot of people on there that might not want people to know - and they're called admirers and quite weirdly they have these obsessions. I'm quite content." The Celebrity Big Brother star recalled one conversation with a potential suitor which ended in disaster after Kellie told the guy exactly who she was, and she admitted that incident "knocked [her] back a bit". I tell them I'm a transwoman and it goes dead, they stop [contacting me].

Not to say I think Im the awesomest, I have my issues just like everyone else, but I have been pretty successful doing what I wan Hello!!

Kellie Maloney has revealed she's planning to set up her own transgender dating site as she searches for a man.

"Kris told Caitlyn that she doesn’t think online dating is safe. In fact, she doesn’t even think she should introduce her future partner to Kris — because Kris will want to make a reality show out of it!

I am looking for someone to make my already awesome life even better.


"So we got talking and I said, 'I've got to tell you, I carry quite a bit of baggage' and he said, 'Oh, I'm very open minded, we all carry a bit of baggage, I've been divorced...' and I said, 'I have too but I've got a bit more than that' and he said, 'Will you phone us? ', so I got brave and phoned him." Kellie explained they talked about meeting for a coffee, before she warned him she had 'baggage' and asked if he knew who Kellie Maloney was.


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