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All registered clients information is private and used solely for the purpose of match making on our site.

If you're looking for a travel buddy or holiday companion to accompany you on your next world vacation or weekend break then why not consider joining Love Travel Dating for FREE.

You can browse thousands of genuine travel loving UK singles and our full subscription packages are affordable.

Love Travel Dating is an online travel dating site which allows singles with a passion for holidays and travel to meet and date throughout the UK.


Travel Dating has a dedicated team of people working every day to have a unique, easy to navigate and spam free site.

One of the core goals of Travel Dating is to provide the highest quality service based on continuos improvement in web page design, better communication, highest level of customer satisfaction and precise administration processes.

Travel Dating is a secure and lively travel-dating venue for you to enjoy.

You are backed by a professional and proactive customer service.

Love Travel Dating is strictly for singles in England, Wales, Scotland and Norther Ireland.If you are outside the UK, we recommend you try Travel Friendz, an international travel dating site.


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