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About 1600 seismic events/day were recorded through most of February.He never got the project finally approved but his boss suggested he quietly tinker with it anyway.



By Christmas day 1990, he finished the first browser, called simply World Wide We B.' Although his inventions have undergone rapid changes since then, the underlying technology is precisely the same.His recent project - which experts say is potentially as revolutionary as the World Wide Web itself - is called the Semantic Web.1989 - Astronomic Configuration - "A Stellium, includes three or more planets conjunct each other within close succession. Douglas Wilder, the lieutenant governor of Virginia, launched his successful campaign to become the first elected black governor of a U. state." 1989 - Trial / Oliver North - January 31st, 1989: "Jury selection began in the trial of former National Security Council aide Oliver North, charged in connection with the Iran-Contra affair.1989 saw a stellium involving Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, and stelliums of this kind are more common. He was later convicted on three counts, but those convictions were set aside, and the case was not retried." Trivia "Tim Berners-Lee, who received a .2 million cash prize Tuesday [06/15/04] for creating the World Wide Web, says he would never have succeeded if he had charged money for his inventions.

P., 06/16/2004]1989 - Merger / Time Warner - March 4th, 1989: "Time Inc. announced a deal valued at million to merge into the world's largest media and entertainment conglomerate."1989 - Volcanic Eruption / Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala - March 7th-10th, 1989: "Vigorous explosive activity from Pacaya 7-10 March deposited ash to the S coast (more than 50 km away), and lava flows advanced several kilometers from two flank vents.Activity at Pacaya in recent months had been characterized by moderate summit Strombolian activity and production of small lava flows from upper flank vents.


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    Doctors in Singapore have separated 15-month-old Indonesian twin girls who were joined at the waist and hip.

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    Read More With today’s poisonous politics, it’s worth noting the passing at 87 last month of Josephine Regala Yadao De Luz, a former Hawaii island councilwoman who exemplified civility and class in public office.

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