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Meanwhile, TK meets his match off the field and Dani's relationship with J. Marshall Pittman gives TK an ultimatum: prove you can run... 20 June 2012Dani's routine "psych eval" of a potential draft pick turns out to be anything but. TK disappears, playing hooky in his old neighborhood. 27 June 2012Dani treats a baseball slugger who suddenly can't hit. TK's challenged to address the wound his shooting left behind.

10 August 2011Danni helps the wife of a Hawks player with a shoplifting problem, Nico gets the owner's daughter out of trouble, and Danni is forced to put Ray Jr's relationship with T. 31 August 2011Dani helps the Hawks and their suicidal mascot get over the playoff curse that's haunted them for six years. 7 September 2011A homemaking celebrity is forced to turn to Danni for help with her anger management problem, T. has some performance issues off the field with Vivica, and the owner's wife drops a bombshell about the team on Nico. Ray Jay tries to figure out how to skate through issues with his new girlfriend.

13 July 2011Dani takes on a NASCAR driver who is suffering from panic attacks after a wreck, while she also deals with visits from a social worker at home. 20 July 2011The Hawks ask Danni to help a rookie who is on the verge of getting cut, Danni suspects her mom may be passing Hawks secrets to bookies, and Ray Jr. Dani tells the kids about her relationship with Matt as he learns to navigate front office politics.

creates a ruckus when he steals a teammate's girlfriend. 27 July 2011A professional poker player asks Danni to help break his bad luck by finding his "tell," a consultant from Matthew's past returns to find a new face for the Hawks, and Ray Jr. Matt's bond with Ray Jay and Lindsay strains his relationship with Dani. Dani works her magic on a world-renown illusionist whose next trick could prove his last.

This was just a huge dating game for her to pick a guy to maybe start dating and see where it goes.She had it narrowed down to Tribble Reese, who was a sort of city-southern, and Adam Moyer, a horse trainer from Tennessee who's all country.


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