Trigger updating column


We have a simple database of usernames and (encrypted) passwords with the following definition: Rather than tackling each of these independently, using a trigger we can address them all at the same time, and all from within the database.

We create our trigger function using PL/pg SQL - which comes built in in Postgre SQL 9.0 and later, and can be installed as an add-on for earlier versions.


In the following example we want a database table (users) to keep track of when one of it's fields (password) was last updated.

We can create a trigger to update the 'product_price_history' table when the price of the product is updated in the 'product' table.

1) Create the 'product' table and 'product_price_history' table Once the above update query is executed, the trigger fires and updates the 'product_price_history' table.

1) Row level trigger - An event is triggered for each row upated, inserted or deleted.

# \d users Table "public.users" Column | Type | Modifiers ------------------+-------------------+---------------------------------------------------- id | integer | not null default nextval('users_id_seq'::regclass) username | character varying | not null password | character varying | not null password_changed | date | default now() Indexes: "users_username_key" UNIQUE CONSTRAINT, btree (username) Triggers: trigger_password_changed BEFORE UPDATE ON users FOR EACH ROW EXECUTE PROCEDURE List of functions -[ RECORD 1 ]-------+----------------------------------------- Schema | public Name | password_changed Result data type | trigger Argument data types | Type | trigger Security | invoker Volatility | volatile Owner | postgres Language | plpgsql Source code | | BEGIN | IF NEW.password !

= OLD.password THEN | NEW.password_changed := current_date; | END IF; | RETURN NEW; | END; Because the trigger is defined within the database it will survive any normal backup and restore process unaffected.


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