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, Captain Bill Burt from the Missoula County Sheriff’s Department stated that witnesses who were waiting for the plane to land said that the pilot appeared to be trying to pull up, but flew into a tall strand of aspen trees.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the incident. “The plane was trying to climb and appeared to have stalled.” Darrell Ward’s motto, “Let’s Get it Done,” is well known by his family, friends, and fans.

They go on to say that Special Olympics Nova Scotia (SONS) is proud to celebrate five years of hosting this special and very important event that travels through the streets of Dartmouth. on Saturday, September 24, in a parade of nearly 200 big rigs.

The convoy usually raises funds for more than 1,700 athletes, and Special Olympics Nova Scotia offers sports programs for anyone with intellectual disabilities.

Before Darrell Ward died last month in an airplane crash, he was scheduled to appear as the 2016 Convoy Marshall in Nova Scotia on September 24, in order to help raise funds for the Special Olympics.

A press release issued by Truck Convoy states that this year, the world’s largest truck convoy will honor Darrell Ward with a special memorial tour, and his son, Reno Ward, will be participating.

We knew that Darrell would want us to follow through on his commitment to his fans and this event,” Stanton said.

“When we talked to our team, we weren’t surprised that everyone was on-board to make this tribute a success in his memory.

By standing in for his father, Reno Ward is proudly stepping forward to take Darrell’s place in the convoy.

Several fans have expressed their admiration for his decision, and many have told Reno Ward that they are proud of him for continuing the legacy left behind by his father.


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