Tunis naked

Tunisia was the first country to be rocked by an "Arab Spring" uprising, inspiring similar revolutions in Egypt and Libya.

Secular groups say the Islamist-led government is trying to stifle freedom of expression and creativity, but the government strongly denies this.

(the) women would leave Tunisia as soon as possible", one of their lawyers, Souhaib Bahri, told Reuters.

Police officers detain an activist from the feminist group Femen during a protest against the arrest of their Tunisian member Amina Tyler, in front of Tunisia's Ministry of Justice in Tunis May 29, 2013.

Witnesses said the women left the prison of Manouba late on Wednesday night.

Marguerite Stern and Pauline Hillier of France and Josephine Markmann of Germany apologized on Wednesday during their appeals hearing."I didn't think it was going to shock Tunisians to that extent. We want to return to our country and our loved ones," Hillier said.



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