Turkish cypriot dating london

Niazi stands at his front door and points along the street, past neatly trimmed hedges of jasmine and hibiscus.

He is virtually the only Turkish Cypriot under 35 living in this respectable neighbourhood in northern Nicosia.

An international trade embargo restricts Turkish Cypriot exporters to the limited Turkish market.


Murat, a dapper man in his late sixties, sits on the harbour wall at Kyrenia.He perfected his English during 10 years working in the canteen at one of the British military bases on the island and enjoys showing it off."I know for a fact that 1,000 people are leaving the island every month," he says.Mehmet Ali Talat, leader of the opposition Republican Turkish Party on the island, says Turkish Cypriots are powerless."We don't want to be so dependent on Turkey," he says from his party office, a stone Ottoman building inside the Venetian walls of old Nicosia."But if nobody wants to have decent relations with us then Turkish Cypriots can only deal with Turkey."Reliable figures for the numbers leaving northern Cyprus are not available, but everyone knows somebody who is about to leave.

In the expectation that life in the northern part of the island will only get worse, more Turkish Cypriots are weighing up their options. Chronic inflation over the last year has reduced his teacher's salary to less than half its value."The other thing," he says, "is the isolation.

After a while it really gets to you."Turkey is the only country that recognises the self-declared Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.



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