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Before you get too excited, I’m not talking about the TV show.Unless you head to Vegas, there’s no way to bet on what outfits the contestants will be wearing, which bachelor will be chosen, or how many times Chuck Woolery will roll his eyes.Even in Vegas, you’d probably be out of luck, since last I heard there were no plans to bring the show back to life.But you can make some money betting on the new dating game of the technology era.Heck, the days of joining a club or going to a bar to meet someone are practically over, too — thanks in large part to one particular company. For decades, we’ve seen ads on television for companies that promise to help you find that special someone.


The object of the game is to be the first to get rid of all the player’s cards to a discard pile by matching the number or suit to the current card in the discard pile. Get rid of the cards in your hand and your foot (second hand) to win this fun game!

You download it, set up a very minimal profile, upload three to five pictures of yourself, and you can scroll through thousands of pictures of single folks.

It’s a business almost as old as time: linking together eligible singles in the hopes that some of them will have enough in common to start a successful relationship.

But the days of your mom or your friends setting you up on blind dates with their friends are over.

But over the past few years, as smartphones made their way into every aspect of our lives, a new trend has evolved. Ever since I first tried the app upon the urging of friends, whenever I hear that Ke$ha song, I immediately replace part of the chorus with those words. The way a new generation (and even some of the previous generations) finds love.

Or at least keeps the social calendar full with dates and perhaps even some “hookups.” Honestly, it’s kind of fun to just use the app.


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