Tyler perry and tasha smith dating vba excel screenupdating

And when Smith was asked about Tyler Perry’s first child, the actress didn’t hold back her surprise, saying about the notoriously hard-working actor, director and producer, “Stop it, Wendy!

When asked about her own plans for children, Smith said, “And Wendy, we are still trying to have a baby, ok?

According to The couple’s marriage was annulled in December 2015 on the grounds of fraud, TMZ reports.

According to Smith, Douglas painted a false image of himself while they were dating, pretending to be a preacher and man of faith.



I was just shocked and I’m so happy for him; he’s going to be a daddy. And if it doesn’t happen this time, will you carry for me?” and “For Better or Worse,” was recently granted an annulment from her former husband Keith Douglas, reports.Back in 2014, the couple’s struggling marriage was thrust into the spotlight after Douglas filed a restraining order against Smith, alleging that the actress had threatened his life.


” The almost ten minute interview aired on October 7.

I used to think that he would just be the uncle-daddy, you know?



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