Tyra banks is dating again

However, Banks can empathize with how her former foe might have been feeling during that tumultuous time. So, you know, it wasn't fair to Naomi, but her response to this day I'm very scared of her."After all this time, Banks does not excuse her colleagues behavior.

"It was really unfair to her because the other models that weren't black, like Kate Moss came up, we were the same generation, they weren't saying, 'Look out Christy Turlington, this cheek bone girl got cheekbones higher than yours! "It was very difficult..of the lowest times of my life dealing with that, so I don't condone her actions or her response, but I understand where it comes from because the world is saying you're not going to have you're spot, we're going to take your money, we're going to take your fame, go sit down, there's somebody else, so that's pretty serious.

"One of the biggest wishes that I've ever had has come true.

I had a conversation with Naomi Campbell," she told the audience.

"I got a lot of answers and it has started my healing from all of the devastating rumors and gossip and rivalry and pain that I've experience.

I've started to heal and I think Naomi has, too."Still, the rumors would not rest.

Over a decade after in the interview, claims began sprouting of a reignited rivalry between the women over their competing reality shows. Both shows wear geared at discovering new aspiring models, but the similarities in the shows sparked questions of potential new drama.

As a supermodel, mogul and mom, the 42-year-old is a long ways away from her earliest years as an aspiring model in Paris.As she quickly took the international industry by storm on the catwalks of the early '90s, the young Banks was immediately compared to and pitted against Naomi Campbell, one of the most iconic figures in the fashion world to this day and one of the few African American supermodels at the time.



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