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This is the question Tyra asked a panel of self-proclaimed and unrepentant promiscuous girls who thought it was cool to be oversexed. We have all encountered them, many of us know them, and some of us may be them.

On the surface they look like they are having the time of their lives. Tyra introduced five girls, Evoni, Brooke, Erin, Angelica and Dominic.

Drinking, partying, having wild sex with random people. All were self-proclaimed promiscuous girls, and they were not afraid to talk about their exploits.

Tyra takes the girls to Paris to have a shopping day out.

22 February 2007Do guys really like promiscuous girls?

Tyra announces that for the first time in history, "America's Next Top Model" will be opened to girls who are 5'7 and under.

Tyra Banks surprised everyone in her audience by telling them that the show was actually a casting call.

Tyra talked to each guest on stage and reviewed their questions and answers to show how children can be exposed to stereotypes regarding race at a young age and what can be done about it. 1 February 2006Three girls are helped by Tyra to get over their past experiences.


Tyra brings Michelle Mock, the casting director on stage and lets Michelle hand-select three finalists who will be receiving golden tickets to the New York auditions.8 November 2005Special about Tyra's celebrity "Drag Force", a team of drag queens who give makeovers to women and men.4 March 2009In this episode of "The Tyra Banks Show", Tyra hosts a toga party to celebrate the launch of "America's Next Top Model".She invites special guests to talk about how to audition for ANTM.

With a plus appearance of the world-famous transsexual, Amanda Lepore, discussing her life and career.

Five children guest star on The Tyra Show as a social experiment.



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    For all her glossy ­perfection, Sienna Miller has an ­unfortunate habit of splitting up with men nearly as quickly as she gets together with them.

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    Many questions remained about what exactly happened: Investigators have not said what the girls have told them since their rescue.

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